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MBBPIS BBPISS CH Canroc's Bellissima At Kannook
BIS MBPIS BPISS MBBPIS SAFCH Sophie’s Pearl Dream On At Belukha  X CH Huskystars Bellzon Ebonyshadow



Born January 11Th 2018
Color Black
Eyes Brown
Weight 46 Pounds

Certifications OFA

Eyes Normal
Hips Good
Elbows normal



She begin show carrer with many best baby puppy in show! She is become champion at 7.5 months with many group placement!

She is really prosmmissing girl!


Titre Obtenu

Parent Grand-Parent Arr. Grand-Parent Arr. Arr. Grand-Parent

BIS MBPIS BPISS MBBPIS SAFCH Sophie’s Pearl Dream On At Belukha 

MBIS/RBISS HUN/IS CH B-Casper Jr. Of Doghouse Farm 

Arthur Of Doghouse Farm  AUS CH Karnovanda’s Wilde Ride 
Kalimah Of Doghouse-Farm 
Karnovanda’s Follow Me  MBIS/MBISS AM CH/CAN/AUST CH Karnovanda’s Gray Spirit 
CH Karnovanda’s Ice Angel 

Sophie’s Pearl Was Born To Love You 

MBIS INT CH/MBISS HUN CH/ROM/UKR GR CH/MD/GE CH Saladi de Ciukci  ICE/AM CH Karnovanda’s Alexander Wolf 
CAN CH Nanook’s North Wind 
Hulduheims Cry For A Shadow  Carillo Sølv Ulv 
Innisfree Amelia 

CH Huskystars Bellzon Ebonyshadow 

BIS/BJIS Jr CH LITH/CH LAT/EST/BALT/CAN/MBISS AMCH Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas 

MBIS/MBISS AM GR CH/CAN CH Coventry’s Peace Negotiator AOM BISS CH Innisfree’s Chips Ahoy 
BIS/MBISS CH Coventry’s Lioness’ Pride 
MBIS CAN/AM GR CH Davik’s Snowmist Ice Fox AOM/CGN MBIS CAN CH Ebonyshadows Absolute Snowmist 
BIS CAN CH Snowmist’s Lucy 

MBIS CAN CH/AM CH Trishamar’s What A Star Aurora AOM

MBIS CAN CH Innisfree TNT At Nanook  AM/CAN CH Innisfree’s Treasure Hunt 
CAN CH Innisfree Gold Rush Edna 
MPBIG CH Trishamar’s Steel Magnolia  AM/CAN CH Innisfree Ring Of Fire 
CAN CH Trishamar’s National Treasure 


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