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Kannook Favorite Pinot Noir
Am GCh/MBIS Can GCH Nanook's Alberta Clipper X MBBPIS BBPISS CH Canroc's Bellissima At Kannook



Born January 3rd 2021
Color Black
Eyes Blue
Weight 42 pounds

Certifications OFA

Eyes Normal
Hips Good
Elbows Normal


  Kassis have a nice pedigree with Mister et Tyler.


Parent Grand-Parent Arr. Grand-Parent Arr. Arr. Grand-Parent

 GChB/MBIS Can GCh Nanook's Alberta Clipper

BISS Am Ch/ MBIS MRBIS Can Ch. Mistral de Ciukci AOM

ICE/AM/CAN MBIS CH Karnovanda's Alexander Wolf MBIS/MBISS CAN/AM CH Karnovanda’s Niklas Wolf AOM
Karnovanda’s Inca Dove
CH Nanook's North Wind CH Innisfree's Ticonderoga
Innisfree's Free North Wind Nori

Huricane’s Crystal Blue Persuasion

BIS/BISS CAN CH/BIS GR AM CH Blueridge Soma’s Mel Gibson BIS/BISS CAN CH/BIS GR AM CH Blueridge Soma’s Stingray 
AM/CAN CH Blueridge Soma's Forget Me Not
AMCH Alcinta's Charming Huricane BIS AM/CAN/INT CH Alcinta's Huricane Brimstone
AMCH Alcinta's Charming Cheetah

MBBPIS BBPISS CH Canroc's Bellissima At Kannook

MBIS MRBIS BISS SAFCH GRCHEX CAN CH Sophie’s Pearl Dream On At Belukha 

MBIS/RBISS HUN/IS CH B-Casper Jr. Of Doghouse Farm  Arthur Of Doghouse Farm
Karnovanda’s Follow Me
Sophie’s Pearl Was Born To Love You  MBIS INT CH/MBISS HUN CH/ROM/UKR GR CH/MD/GE CH Saladi de Ciukci
Hulduheims Cry For A Shadow




CH Huskystars Bellzon Ebonyshadow

BIS/BJIS Jr CH LITH/CH LAT/EST/BALT/CAN/MBISS AMCH Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas  MBIS/MBISS AM GR CH/CAN CH Coventry’s Peace Negotiator AOM
MBIS CAN/AM GR CH Davik’s Snowmist Ice Fox AOM/CGN
MBIS CAN CH/AM CH Trishamar’s What A Star Aurora AOM MBIS CAN CH Innisfree TNT At Nanook
MPBIG CH Trishamar’s Steel Magnolia


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